Betadine Liquid 100ml

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Betadine Liquid 100ml


Betadine Antiseptic Liquid is useful for the treatment skin infections.

Betadine Antiseptic Liquid is a bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal antiseptic useful for the treatment of common skin infections such as infected nails, tinea, and prevention of infection in minor burns, cuts and abrasions.

Betadine antiseptics are among the most effective antiseptics available, inactivating all known types of infecting organisms — bacteria, fungi and even viruses, The brown colour of Betadine® antiseptics shows the area that has been treated and also denotes the activity of the product. While it's brown, it's working.

In most cases Betadine® antiseptics are non-irritating and non-stinging to the skin. They do not permanently stain the skin or natural fabrics and the treated areas may be bandaged, taped or otherwise covered.



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Active Ingredients

Betadine Antiseptic Liquid contains 10% Povidone-Iodine. equiv to 1% w/w available Iodine.



Apply Betadine Antiseptic Liquid directly to affected area two to three times daily. the area may be bandaged.



Do not use Betadine if you are hypersensitive to Iodine.
Avoid application over large areas of skin.
If irritation, redness or swelling develops discontinue treatment.